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The fact that a Jehovah’s Witness hasn’t opened a gym and called it Jehovah’s Fitness is very disappointing


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Do/can Catholics call priests from other faiths like Orthodox Christian or Lutheran "Father" as well if that is their title?





It is proper manners, or etiquette, to address people by the titles they have given us. As Catholics, we believe we cannot begin to show people the supernatural virtue of charity if we cannot show them first the natural exercise of good manners.

In a case of doubt, simply ask the clergy person how they wish to be addressed. Unless they say something silly like “God” then I would call them what they asked me to call them.

Religion is no excuse, for a person to excuse themselves, from proper manners. God bless and take care! Fr. Angel

But the Gospel says in no uncertain terms to “Do not call anyone on earth father because one is your father,” This is a stylish ecclesiastic, decorate themselves a titles and authority. If you are not able to observe the Gospel even in this smallness, which still does not kill, how can you believe that you will be able to be faithful in greater things?

The Gospel also says, in “no uncertain terms” that if our hand or foot causes sin, to cut it off, and if the eye causes sin, to pluck it out (Matthew 18:8-9). And Christians often sin with their hand and feet. Thank God they are not performing amputations of their limbs. And Christians often sin with their eyes. Thank God they are not plucking them out!

The Gospel counsels must be understood in context. Then, most importantly, they must be applied—the teachings of Jesus must be lived—with prudence. For our light must shine before others, so that seeing our good works, they give praise to the Father (Matthew 5:6). If Christians act rude and fail to show basic manners, they are certainly not allowing light to shine. 

At the moment an Anglican or Orthodox priest, for instance, is introduced as “Father”, it is simple courtesy to call them that. That is not the moment to lecture them. That is not the moment to give them a quick Bible study in their errors. That is not the moment to start calling them some other title such as “Mr.” as if we have to make a point to their face. If we act in such a way, we might not only be seen as rude, but if we claim to be “good Catholics” and act that way, we could bring scandal to the Catholic name and reputation.

The verse of Matthew 23:9 is not to be taken literally, for if that was the case, Jesus was the first to break His own command when he called Abraham “Father Abraham” in speaking to the Jews (John 8:53). So much for call no one father on earth—for Abraham is an earthly father; he is not the heavenly Father—and Jesus knows this. Yet He still addressed him as “Father Abraham” according to the respect given by the Jews to Abraham.

In context, Jesus is scolding the pride of the Pharisees, who liked titles and authority which they did not deserve. This is why Jesus also says, “Call no one teacher” although we all have used that term “teacher” as well for earthly teachers. What Jesus means in this passage is not to enable and encourage the pride of others who give themselves titles in order to be puffed up and lord authority over others. God bless, Fr. Angel



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